The Band and Bugles of The Rifles

The Band and Bugles of The Rifles play an intregal part of upholding the history and traditions of the Light Infantry and Green Jacket Regiments which have preceeded the Rifles Regiment today.

Band and Bugles of The RiflesThroughout the history of both Regiments the band has always had an important part to play in the identity of each Regiment and this is maintained today within The Rifles.

The central Band of The Rifles are based at Sir John Moore Barracks in Winchester, were a Bandsman or Bugler can be posted their for upto 2years if required from their respective Battalions in the case of buglers, or for Bandsman the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall.

The Band and Bugles provide the Regiment with a versatile range of music played at the distinctive regimental pace of 140paces to the minute.

The Band and Bugles of The Rifles are not only used for Military functions and engagments within the United Kingdom and Germany, but they are used to showcase and promote The Rifles Regiment not only at public events nationally but internationally as well, playing at such venues as The Royal Albert Hall and The Berlin Tattoo.


Below are the Quick Marches Relating to the pillar Regiments of The Rifles.

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Light Infantry - Regimental Quick March of The Light Infantry

Light Infantry

RGJ (Royal Green Jackets) - Regimental Quick March of the Royal Green Jackets

The Royal Green Jackets

Mechanised Infantry - Regimental Quick March of The Rifles

Mechanised Infantry

The Bugle has always played a major role throughout the Regiments history, the feature piece below displays how versatile the bugle can be as a musical instrument and has been adopted over the years as the signature music of the Light Infantry.

Bugle Feature Piece - High on a Hill

High on a Hill

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